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Does Torani Smoothie Mix Deliver the Nutritional Value or Fruit Content of Smartfruit?

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Does Torani Smoothie Mix Deliver the Nutritional Value or Fruit Content of Smartfruit?

 The Hot Topic of Healthy Eating 


Being health conscious about the foods we eat only recently became the hot topic it is today. Everyday people are educating themselves on what it takes to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and embracing the constantly growing movement of the healthy lifestyle. One popular food item that has made its way into the lives of many health conscious individuals is the Smoothie. Nutritious, beneficial, and refreshing are just a few of the many qualities this versatile beverage contains and their popularity is growing both in the food service industry and at home. 

 The Simple Reason Smoothies are Healthy 


So why are smoothies so healthy? It’s very simple, smoothies are made with uncomplicated, healthy, and wholesome ingredients that provide a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Call this the "back to the basics” approach to food. These days, trying to live a truly healthy lifestyle can be hard, especially with how hectic your day to day came be. Taking care of your body is imperative but finding the time is what takes the most commitment. Smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive, perishable, and time consuming. To address these common difficulties the smoothie mix was created. It’s a concentrated smoothie in a bottle that you blend with milk or water and ice and it's ready. But can a smoothie mix offer all the health benefits as a smoothie made with fresh whole fruits?


 A Smoothie Mix With Daily Nutrients is Key 


The answer is yes if you are willing to do your homework. Some smoothie mixes are no better than sugary soft drinks, they are packed with sugars and unnatural "stuff”. Others are a mixed bag of fruit that contains unnecessary ingredients like artificial colors and GMO’s. Some are healthy and tasty but expensive and not easy to use. Then there is Smartfruit Smoothie Mix, the smoothie mix that has it all. When compared to competitors like Torani Smoothie Mix, Smartfruit smoothie mix provides more fruit servings per standard 16 oz. smoothie, while using half the amount of smoothie mix. Unlike Torani, Smartfruit smoothie mix contains essential vitamins like A, C, and B. Not to mention Smartfruit smoothie mixes are boosted with superfood boosts that give an extra health bonus to every flavor in addition to the benefits contained in all the fruit. Lastly, Smartfruit is 100% juice with no sugar added, Torani is sweetened with sugar. 


Healthy Choices for Your Healthy Life 


Eating healthy is for some the very first step towards transforming their entire lives. It can take some time getting used to the fundamental change of incorporating better foods into your diet. Smartfruit smoothie mix is a wonderful example of a great and healthy product that can help someone make that change. It’s just as wholesome as a fresh made smoothie with none of the hassle. Plus it is leaps and bounds ahead of all the competition.

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