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Monin Smoothie Mixes are Widely known, But are They the Best Option Out There for Your Business?

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Monin Smoothie Mixes are Widely known, But are They the Best Option Out There for Your Business?

 At Home Smoothie Mixes, the Better Way to Satisfy your Smoothie Needs 


Smoothies are easily the most popular, ubiquitous health food snack in the world. They are a nutritious meal replacing treat made with fresh fruits and veggies. These days they can be purchased at just about any and every restaurant, supermarket, or gas station. Of course making them at home is also an option for those that can’t or won’t start their day without this quick infusion of vitamins and nutrients. Of course for those that crave smoothies on demand there is the minor hassle of stocking fresh perishable produce as well as the preparation and clean-up. There is an option available in the ever growing market of smoothie mixes. Smoothie mixes take all the hassle out of daily smoothie intake by providing a concentrated smoothie in a bottle that just needs to be blended with ice and water or milk and yogurt.


 Natural Ingredients Are the Way to Go


Now the smoothie mix market is pretty saturated and like all processed foods there are some that ruin it for everyone. The problem starts when you take all the good stuff that makes smoothies great like fresh whole fruits and vegetables which are naturally sweet and healthy, and replace them with stuff not found in nature. To start, a lot of brands add sweeteners like processed sugars or even worse high fructose corn syrup. In addition to being difficult for your body to metabolize and being linked to higher rates of obesity, high fructose corn syrup is often produced from genetically modified corn crops. Fresh whole fruits are replaced with minimal amounts of fruit concentrates. Then come the artificial lab made colors and flavors. Some companies use ingredients that if you knew what they were you’d definitely think twice before eating them. Take carmine or cochineal extract for example it’s a coloring agent found in some popular smoothie mix brands like Monin Smoothie mix. What is it? It’s a "natural” red powder made from ground up beetles! That’s right, its bug powder and it’s why Monin Strawberry smoothies are red. Some people might not mind this surprising and unexpected source of protein, but to most unknowing customers this is rather unwelcome. Strawberry smoothies should be red because of the strawberries, right?


 An Enhanced At Home Smoothie Mix 


Smartfruit smoothie mixes use bright red strawberry puree that gives its strawberry smoothie mix a natural and authentic color. Each bottle contains over fifty strawberries! Other colors and flavors added are always all natural and always derived from fruits and vegetables, never from bugs. The vitamins and nutrients are there, along with all the fiber, protein, enzymes, and all the goodness. Smartfruit achieved this without any added sugars or GMO’s.  Plus, every Smartfruit smoothie flavor is boosted with an additional natural super-fruit derived bonus to help increase the health benefits of your smoothie. So find the smoothie mix that is right for you and enjoy easy and cost effective smoothies at home or for you customers.

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