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Upgrading from a Sugary Smoothie Mix, Like Jet, to a 100% Real Fruit Mix is the Right Choice for Both Your Customers and Business

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Upgrading from a Sugary Smoothie Mix, Like Jet, to a 100% Real Fruit Mix is the Right Choice for Both Your Customers and Business


Our Relationship With Food 


Today we often correlate the relationship between eating healthy and living healthy, without much hesitation if a person says they are dealing with a chronic ailment we immediately think to ask them if their diet is nutritious and wholesome. However, the relationship between being healthy and eating healthy wasn’t always so obvious. But for a long time, even into the modern era that relationship was not so obvious at all. Sure we always said you are what we eat. But exactly how deep that truism ran was not entirely understood. These days it is taken as a given, if you want to start living healthier you have to start with eating healthier. One food item that most people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle favor is the Smoothie. That’s because smoothies are delicious, refreshing, filling, and healthy. Some have them as a breakfast on the go while others as cool drink after the gym. Whatever the occasion you can’t go wrong with a smoothie!



A Hassle Free Smoothie 


So how did this minor player in the world of frozen beverages take the globe by storm? The secret is that it’s no secret. It’s just plain old wholesome, nutritious, and delicious fruits and vegetables blended whole to make something yummy. Some people think smoothies are similar in health benefits to fresh squeezed juice. And while juicing is a valid movement in the world of health food trends it’s not as healthy as a smoothie. That’s because juicing discards the flesh of the fruit and just takes the juice. So while you get the flavor and sugars contained in the fruit, the overwhelming majority of vitamins, nutrients, fibers, and other natural goodies are lost. Smoothies on the other hand take the entire fruit and blend it to produce a beverage with all the benefits of the fruit itself. There is just one issue with smoothies, they can be difficult to make and expensive to buy. One great alternative that solves both these issues is buying a quality smoothie mix. The right smoothie mix has all the benefits of fresh whole fruits without the hassle.



 Only the Best Ingredients 


So how can one be sure they are selecting the right smoothie mix? There are a lot of options available these days and as a consumer one must be very diligent in insuring they are selecting the best for themselves and their families. Unfortunately a lot of the smoothie mixes out there just aren’t that healthy. So much added sugar, artificial ingredients, GMO’s, and the like don't really qualify these products as belonged to the health trend which created the drink they are supposed to make. Jet Smoothie Mix is a perfect example. It may taste great but if you strip away all the added "stuff” there is very little left in terms of real fruit. It’s no wonder that examining a Jet Smoothie Mix nutrition guide shows a product void of vitamins and minerals and packed with calorie contributing sugars. Smartfruit smoothie mix on the other hand is the type of product you should be searching for. Low in calories, no added sugar, no artificial nothings! So when you look at a Smartfruit smoothie mix ingredient label what you’ll see is fruit. And the nutrition statements follow suit. Each bottle has enough vitamins and minerals to sustain a person during the peak of our ever increasingly busy days. Not to mention the extra boost of super-fruit derived goodies meant to supplement this already healthy and delicious treat. 



Smartfruit smoothie mix has captured all the benefits of smoothies made from fresh produce and just bottled it up. Start living healthier today and do it in a delicious way with smoothies made from the most premium smoothie mix available. Embrace this amazing and healthy treat and see why it’s taken the world by storm.