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Black Cherry & Oats Smoothie

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Black Cherry & Oats Smoothie
Black Cherry & Oats Smoothie!
Looking to add a new Smoothie flavor to your post-workout Routine? Smartfruit Black Cherry & Oats Cleansing Smoothie recipe is right for you. Smartfruit Black Cherry & Oats Cleansing Smoothie not only cleanses your body with antioxidants such as Acai and goji but also provides you with proteins needed for your body and quenches your thirst at the same time. Each Smartfruit Cleansing Smoothie is 100% Juice, Non-GMO and Vegan Friendly. So, if you’re looking to add new a flavor to your post-workout session or just looking for a new flavor in general, give this a try and let us know what you know.





🍶 Preparation: 

  1. Add all ingredients into a blender jar, blend until smooth.