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The Smart Alternative to Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit Mixes

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The Smart Alternative to Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit Mixes

 Healthy Living Through Healthy Eating 


Health conscious trends in food used to be a much more elitist occupation. However, today information on healthy living via healthy eating is so accessible that it has become a commonly accepted idea and ever growing movement. One popular food item that has emerged and become a staple in this lives of so many health conscious eaters is the Smoothie. Everyone enjoys a good hearty and healthy smoothie, whether to cool off on a hot day or as a filling snack to grab on the go. That’s why smoothie mixes are a very popular item in both the restaurant service industry and for at home users.


 Healthy Ingredients 


So what makes smoothies so healthy? Well most of the progress made in promoting healthier diets is founded on one general guiding principle. Namely, in order to consume more wholesome foods, we need to get away from overly processed "unnatural” food products. We may think of this as a "back to the basics” approach to food. So smoothies, like all healthy food decisions, made with fresh ingredients certainly deliver the most in terms of quality and health benefits. But therein lies the problem. As anyone on the path to a healthier life style can attest to, the pace of life these days can be so hectic, it can seem nearly impossible to slow down long enough to take proper care of our bodies. Fresh fruits and vegetables for smoothies are expensive, perishable, and necessitate both preparation before and after for cleaning up. To tackle these inherent difficulties and inconveniences, the smoothie mix was created. It is a smoothie in a bottle that only needs to be blended with ice and milk or water and its ready. But doesn’t this packaged alternative completely negate the entire purpose of smoothie? 


 Smoothie Benefits 

The answer is not all smoothie mixes are created equal. Some smoothie mixes are no better than sugary soft drinks. Others contain real fruits and vegetables, as well as a lot of other  unnatural ingredients and lack in delivering the invigorating flavor of a fresh fruit. Yet others still, while healthy and tasty are expensive and not easy to use. Then there are some like Smartfruit smoothie mix that has it all. When compared to competitors like Dr. Smoothie mixes, Smartfruit smoothie mixes provide more fruit per standard 16 oz. serving, use a smaller amount of smoothie mix with an easier recipe to follow, and this while delivering an amazing authentic fruit flavor in every smoothie. Smartfruit smoothie mixes also deliver more of the bodies daily requirements of essential vitamins like A, C, and B than its competitors. Not to mention, Smartfruit smoothie mixes are boosted with highly functional superfoods that give your smoothie an added health bonus along with the benefits contained in all the fruit.


So don’t let your fast paced life style distract you from your health. Take the time and invest in yourself by taking advantage of quality natural and healthy products when they arise. Smartfruit smoothie mix is a wonderful example of a great product that’s good for you and clearly stands at the head of the pack in the world of smoothie mixes.