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The NON-GMO 100% Real Fruit Alternative to DaVinci Smoothie Mix

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The NON-GMO 100% Real Fruit Alternative to DaVinci Smoothie Mix
 A Smoothie to Energize Your Day 
Green smoothies have recently taken their place at the front and center of the already established smoothie trend. It’s the logical extension of this refreshing and nutritious concept. Blended whole fruits containing all of their health benefits combined with nutrient packed dark leafy greens can provide anyone with the additional energy they need to make it through even the toughest part of their day. Sure some people might have an aversion to drinking veggies. But most people who can get over that hump will find they don’t have to compromise on flavor just to stay healthy.


 The Power Of the Green Smoothie 


So what makes a green smoothie a good smoothie?  The guiding principle is that fruits and vegetables containing dark green pigments are filled with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. They are rich in chlorophyll, which alkalinizes the blood and have a detoxifying effect. So a real green smoothie should contain a variety of green fruits and vegetables to make sure one is getting the absolute maximum benefit they can out of this healthy snack. The only issue is stocking and storing all these perishable produce items. That can be as expensive as it is laborious. Many people try and compromise by using a store bought smoothie mix, but are wary of the true health value to be had using such products, and rightfully so. When buying such products, it’s hard to tell from the label alone if you’re getting all of what you want and none of what you don’t. So what do you want and what do you want to avoid?


 What's In your Smoothie Mix? 


To start, a proper smoothie mix should never contain added sugars. Fruits contain their own sugars and any smoothie mix which isn’t using fruit to sweeten the product should be summarily avoided. In addition, when sugar is added it’s often high fructose corn syrup which is not only unhealthy but also unnatural and is often made from genetically modified (GMO) corn. A smoothie mix should always have 100% juice or fruit clearly stated on the label, and the fruit should be the first ingredient listed in the ingredient statement. A smoothie mix should never contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


Better Then Your Average Smoothie 


Now that you’re educated, the responsibility falls on you, the consumer to pay attention. Beware, some smoothie mixes look the part until you look a little closer. Take DaVinci Gourmet Gratifying Greens for example. The label shows all types of fruits and veggies however, curiously missing from the ingredient statement. All that green, it’s just some spinach juice concentrate and green color. So it's no big surprise that the nutrition panel reads zeros across the board for vitamins A, C, calcium and iron. When compared to Smartfruit Harvest Greens smoothie mix the difference becomes as clear as day and night. Every bottle of Smartfruit Harvest Greens smoothie mix is packed with lemongrass, spinach, kiwis, kale, cucumbers, apples, and bananas. Smartfruit uses half the serving portion of DaVinci and even with that you can make a smoothie with double the amount of fruits and veggies. Smartfruit Harvest Greens is boosted with spirulina, a detoxifying green super food.


 A Green Smoothie A Day...


It’s about time the label matches the contents and that the contents taste good. Go green with a green smoothie and enjoy the taste and the health benefits to be had from this refreshing treat. Pretty soon you’ll be singing a different tune and persuading all your friends to take the plunge along with you.



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