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The No Added Sugar Alternative to Big Train Smoothie Mix

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The No Added Sugar Alternative to Big Train Smoothie Mix


 On Trend With Healthy Eating 


These days everyone is interested in health trends. That’s because all the information available has made healthy living so much more accessible, and who doesn't want to live healthier? One area that has received a lot of attention and rightfully so, is healthier living through healthier eating. After all, we truly are what we eat. One food item that has bridged the gap between the world of health-conscious eaters and the average consumer is the Smoothie. That’s because smoothies are as delicious and refreshing as they are healthy and hearty. So, it’s no surprise that this tasty cold beverage is a common item on restaurant menus and in homes alike throughout the world. 


 Simple and Wholesome


But how did smoothies become a health trend in the first place? It’s really quite simple. Uncomplicated ingredients make for a healthier diet and making smoothies is an easy way to enjoy your daily intake of fresh and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. For people just beginning to engage in a healthier lifestyle with better eating habits or even those casual non-health motivated consumers, making fresh smoothies at home can be laborious and expensive. Buying and storing the fruit, preparing to make the smoothie, and the cleanup… That could demotivate a person before they even begin and before you know it they are back to trying to quench their thirst with sugary soft drinks. This is obviously counterproductive and not at all the point of trying to be healthy. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean being difficult and expensive, it’s about simplicity in ingredients without the unnecessary add-ins. That’s why there are now smoothie mixes made as an alternative to whole fruits and veggies. These at home smoothie mixes remove the obstacles and enable regular smoothie consumption for all of us. You may ask yourself, how can a bottled smoothie mix fit in the world of healthy eating because after all, if it comes in a bottle can it really be good for you? 


The Perfect At Home Smoothie Mix 


The answer is yes, provided you are very selective in choosing your smoothie mix. Not every at home smoothie mix is the same. Some are equal in every way to the very beverages we should be avoiding. Some are good for you but lack flavor while others are delicious and healthy but very expensive and hard to use. The trick is to find a smoothie mix that uses only real fruits and vegetables, doesn't have added sugar or unnatural additives, it is easily made, and is cost effective. Smartfruit Smoothie Mix is a perfect example of a smoothie mix that has captured all the benefits of smoothies made from fresh produce with the added convenience of being made simply at home. No preservatives, non-GMO, no sugar added, and 100% juice in a bottle. When compared to competitors like Big Train Smoothie mix, Smartfruit smoothie mix provides more fruit per standard 16 oz serving. Smartfruit also has an easy to follow recipe and delivers authentic real fruit flavor without anything artificial.

Smartfruit is also packed with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and key B Vitamins, which is something the competition does not have. Plus, unlike Big Train smoothie mix, Smartfruit smoothie mixes contain no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Instead of those unnecessary additives, each Smartfruit product is infused with its own individual super food boost to maximize the benefits of your healthy lifestyle.  


Make the smart and healthy choice for yourself, your family, or your business and don’t miss the opportunity to start living better today with an innovative smoothie mix that delivers all the benefits of one the world’s most popular health food snacks with none of its hassles. Invest in your health by embracing a smoothie mix based on the principle of simple pure ingredients like nature intended.



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